September 6, 2005

Scotland Chronicles – Day 3 – August 22 – Bass Rock and John Muir’s Birthplace

Today we decided to take a trip north along the coast. First Stephen had to drop off his kilt for re-sizing since it was a wee bit snug around his belly so I started the trip with the my in-laws while Stephen picked up the oldies. We drove threw Perth, past the Queen’s retired yacht the Britannia and along winding roads to the Scottish Seabird Sanctuary. It was worth the trip. Although we were on land and the giant, white Bass Rock (covered with bird poo and white birds) was out at sea there were viewing cameras that we controlled remotely.

Our next step was John Muir’s birthplace in East Lothian which had just been turned into a museum. Worth the visit. It chronicled his life with interesting information about his preservation beliefs and remarkable treks.

On the way to East Lothian we drove past beautiful fields with bails of hay alongside the sea. My mom was on a photography safari and jumped out of the car at every stop to photograph the landscape. The Duncans found our dueling cameras amusing.

On the way back Stephen took my dad and the grands to pick up the bike that my father would be riding the next day on his biketrip with his friend Jerry. The good news for the rest of us was that we would be able to have a leisurely paced day while my dad was wheeling around the countryside.