July 27, 2005

Who is Watching Whom?

This morning, while gazing out the window over my desk, to my surprise I saw a very naked man. Our neighbor was walking around his patio in his birthday suit. Looked to be around a 50+ birthday suit. His house is tall and the patio on which he was walking is far above the street he must have thought no one was looking.

I screamed, I laughed, I emailed Stephen at work. This wasn’t a short prance and I needed to share the moment. The neighbor stood out there a good long time, leaning on the side of his patio, looking in every direction, except for mine.

Photo of Tika:
Feeling very sneaky today I took a photo of Tika using her snazzy new litter box. The bookshelf to the right is her favorite observation tower. She sits on the bottom shelf watching the lizards in the front garden. Who is watching whom?